About Us
Heritage Public School is situated on the Kanina-Narnaul Road, Mohanpur, Kanina Dist. Mahendergarh(Haryana). It takes pride in having a well furnished and ventilated modern building in lush green environment with beautiful and charming park and garden with beautiful nature in its finest growth and bloom. The school has been operating officially under the trust Shree Sohan Lal Shiksha Samiti. The School is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi up to XII level providing education in Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce Streams. Every initiative, effort at the upcoming institute is single-mindedly focused on these three basic values. So while the young minds go through the process of learning, it will automatically, continually and effortlessly imbibe them, to give the individual an dynamic personality.

Heritage School is an English medium school which aims at building up the overall personality of students by gradually moulding them and training them to become good and respectful citizen of the country. To build up their comprehensive personalities, care is taken for their physical fitness, mental ability, spiritual and ethical well-being so that they become assets to the society and nation. Heritage School provide opportunities to students for self-expression, innovation, a context for experimentation and experience beyond with an understanding of traditional values, the respect for the individual, so that they may face the world in all its contingencies.